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Every event is unique and a wedding day has a soundtrack of its own – from the walk down the aisle to the first dance, the bouquet toss, the party & to your final farewell, music helps set the tone for the entire day… which is why your DJ has such an important role. To help you better understand,  we’ve compiled this list of commonly asked questions from enquiry to the booking process. The more knowledge you have, the better equipped you’ll be to make the right decision…

Probably the first or second question in most cases! Upfront – it may be difficult to give an exact price but as a guide, our price starts from $600.00.

No two events and or weddings are same. A lot matters for example:
> number of guests? size of the venue? (Obviously an event of 40 guests will be way different than an event with 200 guests in terms of logistics etc) 
> requirements (do you want to keep it nice and simple or want all the extra’s we offer)
> Multiple Set-ups (For example if ceremony is outdoors/or a different venue than reception)

Hence, we need a few more detailed information to provide an exact quote. Don’t worry, we don’t want you to pay anything extra for what you don’t need. Each event is unique and our aim is to give the best possible experience to our clients by customising the theme to your needs.

Becoming a DJ is a talented profession which takes time and experience. While we have mastered the craft of mixing the best music simultaneously with superb energy, the technical side of the setup should not be overlooked! Speaking of proper sound reinforcement – the way music should sound to your ears & how good, nice and crispy clear the Microphones are balanced etc. We have invested a lot in gear and our time training, studying & understanding the sound structure. Music sets the tone for the entire event. You can rely on us that your choice of music will be cued & played exactly on time for walking down the aisle, first dance to your final farewell. 

On the other side, you can definitely hire a sound system and do things your own way to save some $, but do you have someone reliable to stay at the console throughout the event? It’s your big day and there may be a lot of what if that happens type of questions?? 

Eliminate any risks by having us professionals and join your guests to enjoy the moments!

All businesses have humble beginnings. In Brisbane, I established Brilliant Entertainment approximately 5 years ago just after relocating from NSW and have grown significantly with a number of events concluded highly successfully. Overall, my musical journey started over 18 years ago as a hobby with our Band Group. Learn more about me here. 

Yes, this is my own family business and I am the main performer. We are NOT an agency providing random DJs. We can however recommend fellow DJs we know around the area if we are busy.

To us, it’s not a business really, it’s our passion! We live and breathe music. 

I am a Bi-Lingual DJ catering for both English and Indian events alike. Being a Mobile DJ, our music library is massive and spans across just about every decade, genre, and nationality. Through weekly updates we are able to provide the most up-to-date songs that you and your guests want to hear to make your wedding reception great. (If by rare chance we don’t already have a song you are looking for, we promise to go out and buy it!) A great collection of music takes time and experience – after spinning records for many years. 

With us, you are well covered as a one-stop service provider. We also provide:

  • Ceremony Sound & Music 
  • Uplighting Options (We use super bright battery powered easy to use uplights which are safe – no cords)
  • Atmospheric Lighting Effects (Truss & Intelligent Lighting)
  • Monogram Lighting for wedding, corporate logos, custom birthday images
  • Dance On Cloud FX

Our Lighting are wirelessly DMX Controlled.

Check out our Enhancements page for detailed information. 

All our gear is tried and tested to meet the industry standard. It’s a little technical to explain them here in few sentences but if you really want to know, I can explain further via personal message/email or call.

As a general guide though, we employ the best of Audio: Bose, QSC & Electro-Voice speakers, Shure / AKG / Sennheiser Microphones, Pioneer DJ Controllers with pro-software’s, Chauvet / ADJ or equivalent  Lighting etc. We trust our gear and always have back-up options for all events!

Any DJ that specializes in special events will also specialize in the unknown. None of us ever want to be in a situation when something goes wrong and there is no solution. We always have a backup system just in case! Some DJ companies go above and beyond when it comes to emergency preparedness, and some just skim the surface. Don’t be afraid to ask the DJ how they prepare for emergencies.

Mixing is a pretty basic skill for a professional disc jockey, but how a DJ does it says a lot about his or her style. We mix music for the purpose of creating high-quality seamless transitions between songs and maintaining the energy and momentum on the dance floor. Mixing for us is something we do on the spot, based on the tempo and “feel” of the songs and the reaction of the crowd.

What we don’t do is treat your event like it’s our personal nightclub appearance, and we won’t use your wedding to test out remixes that no one recognizes. We always use the most popular versions of each song unless there’s a really good reason not to. We also don’t rely on cheesy, pre-fabricated “DJ mixes” with corny sound effects, and we don’t treat every transition between songs as an opportunity to show off our ability to scratch. Instead, we focus on making the perfect transition between each song, whatever that may be, and building amazing sets that maximize the amount of dancing and fun at your event!

Of course! We encourage our clients / couples to use our online music database to let us know a bit about their taste in music and their musical desires for their event / wedding day. The online tool allows you to search through our music library and make a list from categories of: ‘Songs they have to hear’, ‘songs they would like to hear if there is time’, and the very popular, ‘under no circumstances is this song to be played at my wedding’! A reputable DJ will always want input from their clients to help make the wedding special to them!

Some DJs take requests, and some don’t. We actually leave this one up to our clients. We’ll talk to our clients and ask them what they want us to do. Some say they want us to take requests and some say they don’t. Even if they tell us to take requests, we are always very careful never to play something similar to a song that might have been listed on the do not play list. Also, we use our judgment when it comes to requests. If it’s a great song, sure, we will play it. If it’s a song we know will clear the dance floor, we’ll stay away from it. Our goal is the same as the client that hired us. DJs want the dance floor filled with people as much as possible!

No extra charge. We are comfortable and qualified to communicate with you, your guests, and work with other vendors in a professional manner, throughout the entire event. We find that frequent communication and coordination with function managers and other vendors like photographers and videographers ensures a smoothly running, on time event!

We’ll take as much guidance as you want to give us. If there’s something you’d like us to say, just let us know. We’re even happy to help in areas where you might not know what needs to be done or said. When we receive little or no guidance, we generally work with the “less is more” mindset using simple, concise, professional announcements, that don’t annoy guests, or distracted from the event. We’re always about less talking and more dancing!

Absolutely! A written legal Brilliant Entertainment Services events contract secures the DJ’s obligation to the client and lists exactly what is required and expected for the event’s success. It will explain the entertainment setup requirements and other factors related to the company’s performance. This document will also clearly state the fee structure for payment of the services provided, the name of the entertainer, and any additional services being provided by the company. All reputable wedding DJs should use an agreement.

Believe it or not, our needs are pretty basic. We even carry our own DJ table and facade or table scrims to neatly setup and hide away all technical stuff and odd cables etc. 

All we need is a flat levelled surface with power options. We also use battery powered systems such as ceremony area if required. Our uplighting is also wireless – no cords, no trip-hazards. 

We are fully registered and can be found on ASIC’s database with our company name “Brilliant Entertainment Services”. Our current Public Liability Insurance is for $30M. Certificate of Currency can be emailed upon request. 

In Australia, most venues require a Public Liability Insurance for any DJs to perform. It is designed for professionals who interact with customers or members of the public. It helps protect against claims of personal injury or property damage that a third party suffers (or claims to have suffered) as a result of a business operations.

We thank you but it is not required. During dinner, music still needs to be playing and important addresses are done if required – that’s why we stay at the console & keep up to that and make sure everyone is enjoying. 

No alcohol – we don’t drink nor smoke while performing and we are sober all throughout the event. Our reputation is everything! 

All our packages include a cordless microphone either Handheld or Lapel for the officiant. 

We always arrive early and never been caught off-guard for our events. Generally at least 2 hours before the event starts which includes setup, sound and lighting check. For larger events,  time frames are different and can be discussed upon the booking process. The teardown depends on the amount of gear utilised on the day of event. We generally allow at least 1 hour for teardowns and loading. 

We encourage to meet and know your DJ/Talent before you book. This is obligation free and we don’t charge a penny for travel. Places to meet can be a local coffee shop at your convenience if I am too far from you.   

If for any reason you are away or busy – we can still do a live chat via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime etc. 

Simply put, we CARE and we provide exceptional entertainment and the most accommodating and attentive customer care found in this industry.
We tick all the boxes – a legit, fully registered business with public liability insurance. All our electrical equipment’s are test and tagged.

Dj AmiTt is also a member of The DJ Alliance Australasia and adhere to the Code of Conduct.

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When you hire “Brilliant Entertainment by Dj AmiTt” for your event, a lot of things we offer are unlimited – unlimited equipment, unlimited music requests, unlimited contact with us – but not our availability. Once we’re sold out on a date (which is basically every Friday & Saturday) then that’s it.

We’d love to work with you, please contact us as soon as you have your date, time, and location set. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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