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Spinning Music Beyond Genres

No matter which part of the world you live in, South Asian-Indian weddings are one of it’s kind! Everyday is festive & colorful. Weddings go for series of days which are well planned in advance. Including an immense guest list (of-course)!

That’s why you should not overlook to engage a Professional DJ!


A Pro-DJ is easily one of the most important person at your wedding. This person is singularly responsible for bringing the party to life. From the Baraat, to your Bridal Entry, your Sangeet Night and even your Bidaai, none of these are anything without the right music. 

We can cater for a wide variety and languages of music customised to your wedding be it: Indian-Bollywood-Hindi, Bollywood-Bhangra, Desi-Punjabi-Bhangra, Indo-Fijian, Sri Lankan-Baila, Tamil, Telugu etc. 

Your options are Endless with the Brilliant Entertainment Team.
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High Energy Djs. We are experienced and our knowledge of music has no bounds.  We will have your party energized to rock throughout the night!  Our music and mixing skills are unique.


Our Dholis share their self-taught talents in the South Asian Indian Wedding Industry. Hype up your events with us. Feel the live vibe. Baraats, Sangeets, Receptions, Lounge events etc.

LED Up-Lighting

Lighting is one of the most effective ways to elevate your wedding decor and Uplighting can feel especially luxurious when used strategically around your wedding ceremony or reception venue.

Pro-DJ Setup

Our setup is highly professional – and we maintain a standard without compromise. We are the perfect choice for your event. Our Dj Table comes with Scrims and or Facade – hiding away cables etc.

MC's | Singers

As Master of Ceremonies, we will make sure everything runs smoothly throughout the event. Apart from being  energetic hosts/coordinators, we are also talented singers which can add flavor and connection with you & your guests. It’s an option and we are happy to entertain.

Sound Reinforcement

Professional sound systems for Speeches and Music – “CRISP & CLEAR
We take sound very seriously and are trained professionals to tune it right. Like you, we don’t want any sharp feed-backs screeching through your guests ears! We get that and know exactly which frequency to nudge!  

Entertainment | Dancers

Dance performances for weddings are becoming an increasingly popular way to keep your guests entertained.  We can assist you create a complete cultural experience for your guests with our team of dancers for your wedding along with live musicians. 

Special FX

Dancing on Clouds is a stunning visual effect that will create a WOW factor. The first dance is an immensely special moment and much anticipated by your guests. Dancing on Clouds will create a breathtakingly beautiful scene with the bride and groom dancing together for the first time as husband and wife. Add Cold Spark effects and cherish the special moment forever! 
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The role of a DJ (Disc Jockey) cannot be ignored in an Indian wedding. We not only provide and create mood and entertainment for the wedding ceremony but also accompany the priest while they chant the shlokas and mantras in the form of marriage rituals. Music is an inevitable part of the wedding ceremony; hence presence of DJs is also unavoidable.

Prior to the ceremony, we will liaise with the priest. This is important as the priest may have specific requirements for sound and vice versa. We provide the sound equipment and control the music throughout the ceremony. Therefore, it is important to have a uniform vision to suit the needs of our client. We provide to the officiant and or priest (pundit); headset; lapel-clip on microphone and or cordless handheld microphone depending on their preference.

We add colour and splendour to the multi-day wedding ceremony, the three-day function which is a usual norm in Indian Weddings. Each day requires a lot of music because of entertaining rituals such as the Sangeet ceremony, Mehndi nights, etc. With the hips and backs swaying at popular masala Bollywood, Bhangra & Raas songs, the guests should never stop having fun. Why not have some desi beats with Brisbane’s best Bollywood DJ as well. Our services are required specifically to accentuate the fun of music and dance.

As professionals, we strongly recommend the combination of various instruments to be played in the background throughout the ceremony. This sets the right mood for the rituals and prevents awkward silences. Prior to the rituals, we discuss with family members and the priest whether we need to play any Hindi, Sanskrit, Gujarati or Punjabi songs in between or in the background of any ritual. We also work with the family members to arrange any photographs and make announcements before any ritual where required. The announcements / Emceeing are usually made to inform either side of the rituals.

Throughout the reception, lunch or dinner, we keep the guests entertained by playing mellifluous Bollywood-contemporary instrumental music. We seamlessly mix and blend all forms of music to keep the guests engaged while they are eating and talking. For the final segment of marriage known as Vidaai, we play melancholic yet upbeat songs to ensure that the bride gets a good sending off.

It is a known fact that the music you will choose for your wedding ceremony will determine the success of the ceremony. It is great to splurge on the perfect venue, decorations and the delicious food, but the memorable thing for your guests will always be entertainment. This one decision can make or break your wedding day! Hence, make sure to hire a high energy professional DJ to set the mood of your guests right for the ceremony and to make your wedding day an unforgettable event.

Happy Planning and we look forward to hearing from you!

Your Investment

Our DJ services are built around one word: 

We believe in giving you the most value for your money spent and delivering the entertainment of your dreams.

Here’s our recipe:
> Diligent Preparation For Your Wedding Day
> High Quality Music Libraries
> Early Arrival To Your Venue
> Tastefully Dressed DJs (who know how to have a good time!)

General Price Info:
To provide an upfront price is always difficult as every wedding has its own flavour in terms of logistics, venue, location, number of guests etc etc. We just need a little more information to send you a detailed quote

Standard Inclusions:
6 Hour Wedding Reception • DJ / MC • Sound System • Basic Dance Floor Lighting

Additional Services & Enhancements:
 Full Ceremony Sound System + Music • Elegant Dance Floor Lighting • Special Effects & much more!

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