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How lucky we are to live in such a diverse multicultural society in Australia. It’s normal for two people to fall in love and decide to spend their life together. They however often face their first real test as a couple when they start organising their wedding ceremony, especially when the wedding unites two people from two or more different cultures. Intercultural weddings are becoming increasingly popular. We live in a time where people of all backgrounds are able to get married and celebrate the coming together of two different cultures. However, often times when a couple is trying to bring two different cultures together they must combine their taste for food, family traditions, and most importantly music style for their big day.

That’s why we are here to assist and make your special day the best day ever! 

We have been receiving a lot more requests for mixed marriage Deejaying requests in Brisbane. The coming together of two different cultures for one ceremony is always a very special occasion and a situation we are always excited to be a part of.

Whether it means bi-lingual announcements, ensuring a balance between cultural traditions or simply playing a mix of Asian and western music, we know exactly how to keep everybody happy and interested in a mixed marriage ceremony. If you have a preference in terms of music or customs, simply let us know during our booking process. We have the best systems in place to get your music preference sorted. Simply give us a hint, and we will take care of the rest!  


Let’s start your celebration!