Technical Aspects for a Dj & other skills


We fluently speak English, Hindi & Fijian Hindi and have vast knowledge of Bollywood, Tamil & Punjabi Bhangra Music. 

We sing our hearts out with the best Bollywood songs and allow guests to join in at any functions. This service comes as a standard package and we get involved avoiding any boring moments. 

To accommodate any song request on the go, we also have iPads with YouTube, Spotify & Gaana. 


Excellent Sound Engineering Knowledge...

Playing music is not the only thing a Dj must know. You must have noticed that in some functions, you can't hear the speeches properly, the voice is not clear or that sharp feedback noise making everyone mad! This is a technical aspect which many DJ's don't understand. 

Fortunately, DJ Amit has passed all that stages and have done sounds for live bands as well for many years. Sound clarity is guaranteed for all functions.  

Dj Amit - Brisbane

Attire & Presentation

Does this matter? What are your thoughts? Ever been to a function and the DJ seems out of this world in terms of attire? Well there's nothing wrong but does it match your occasion? 

We want to blend in with your function and wear the attire that suits - always maintaining a professional look and presentation. And above all, we listen and speak appropriately.