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Important to Understand!

Your wedding decor sets the theme for your wedding, and can give guests an idea of what to expect throughout the day. The best decor works with – not against – you in photos and provides lots of lovely backdrops for your portraits.

From arranging a venue to decorations and food, the bill adds up quick doesn't it? 

So why am I talking about this? Well after performing at various wedding functions, I have seen a lot and thought to share here!

Decor is anything you use to make your wedding prettier, and there are literally hundreds of available options. "Flowers, Lighting such as candles, lanterns, strobe lighting for the dance floor, or coloured light bulbs, Table and chair cover, Runners for the aisle you'll be walking down, Religious symbols etc...

What we offer as part of our wedding package are the atmospheric lighting system (talk to your decorator about this as well). You must have seen those beautiful coloured ceilings and walls lit up - Exactly what I am talking about here! These are the LED wash light effects and can really change the look of the venue from okay to elegant. 

We will discuss more upon your enquiry.

Music Selection

We understand wedding ceremonies are different between each culture - but the common thing we share is love and blessings for the newly wedded!

To make it even better, the right music must be played at the right time of the ritual so the ceremony looks outstanding and guests feel it happening too! That's what Dj Amit is all about - open to discuss the minute details and make it happen!

Send in your enquiry below and we go from there! Speak soon. 


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